Richard & Annabel (Bath, U.K.)

What we immediately noticed about Calcinaia was the space. The house really is surrounded by fields and trees and there are no near neighbours. The grounds are open, the pool is huge and there is none of that closed-in, let’s jam in as many as possible feeling that we’ve had in previous villas. There’s also something very lovely and unspoilt about the area. A coffee and pastry or a glass of wine in one of the squares is cheap - and no one minds if you linger which is all very refreshing after the big cities. There’s a local pizzeria that’s fabulous. Very simple, full of locals and pizza that’s up there with the best we’ve ever had - (and we’re well-travelled, especially around Italy). Calcinaia is a great place to combine a pile of books, a pile of good friends and a pile of shopping and sightseeing. Thanks for everything, D,G,C and S! We’ll be back.