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Tuscany encapsulates everything that is most seductive about Italy - glorious landscapes, perfect climate, great art and architecture and a matchless cuisine. For the best of that cuisine, go in the autumn, when the light turns golden, the days are still warm, the rich harvest of figs, grapes, chestnuts, olives, apples, pears and pumpkins is at its peak, and fresh funghi are being gathered in the woods. A succession of local village festivals pay homage to the harvest - you will never enjoy a better feast.
Daily Telegraph 29/10/2016
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April - May
Springtime in Tuscany is magical. The hillsides and fields are full of wild flowers and, although chilly first thing, the days are long and sunny. This is the perfect season for sightseeing, walking and cycling.
June - July - August
The best months for sun-bathing and swimming. Our hillside position has a cooling breeze against temperatures that can rise to 38°C, (100°F). Evenings are balmy and normally still. August may see occasional thunderstorms.
September - October
The days are shorter but still bright and warm, perfect for exploring the area and visiting the many harvest celebrations where you can taste-test the local chestnuts and mushrooms. At Borghetto Calcinaia, we often see a magical, early morning mist across the valley, whilst, less than 2 hours away, the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas are still warm and the beaches deserted.

November - December
The days may still be warm but they can also be showery, and at night you’ll appreciate our central heating and luscious duvets. Olives and truffles are being harvested, and there’s shopping to be done with the arrival of Christmas markets and speciality foods.
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