Ann Bowers – Evangelista – Washington DC USA

As hosts, Dennis and Gilly are consummate: There was not a need unattended; in fact, they seemingly provided resources, advice, and support before we even knew our needs. Do you want an amazing home-cooked meal in the hills of Tuscany? No problem, Dennis is on the phone, making it happen. Having trouble with a recreational company living up to their word? Dennis will make the call for you and smooth everything over. Do you desire a family dinner at home? Gilly will make the most mouth-watering Tuscan meal you've had the luxury to enjoy.

One of the most telling reflections of a host is how they handle a problem that develops with their guests. In our situation, some in our party had an allergic reaction to something in one of the houses. Dennis and Gilly worked with us quickly to ameliorate the issue and ensure we were 100% satisfied with the resolution - even long after our departure Their good nature and commitment to us as guests never wavered.

If you have an opportunity, don't miss a stay at this gem with fabulous hosts!